Crocpak is On A Mission (To Make You Move) -

Crocpak X Kaskade is on a mission to see change in the world and make it happen. We believe it’s time to leave the past behind, start having fun and generating endorphins.

That’s why we create high-quality products from certified recycled yarn that make you feel strong, confident and ready for anything. 

We’re on a mission to Get the World Outside because we believe moving your body and having fun with friends is the fastest way to a happy life.

When you let go of expectations, that’s when the real magic happens. You learn that the sheer joy of the game will always outperform the victory. And you learn that moving creates endorphins, and Endorphins Make Us Happy.

We’re freeing everyday travels from worry, and bringing back Doing Things For Good. This isn’t about anything fancy, it’s about showing up often.

And that’s what we’re all about - showing up often. We’re playing the long game and giving back where we can. A portion of every product sold goes to charities that create a genuine global impact. To keep us on track, we abide by three core values.

Planet - Protect our Playground. We design our products and operate our business through a lens of circularity and longevity to minimise environmental impact.

Product - Quality above all else. Everything we produce is crafted using certified recycled materials on our roadmap to carbon positivity by 2025

Puppies - And all creatures great and small. We use business as a vehicle to create change in the world, and a portion of every sale goes toward ending animal cruelty.

Ultimately, what we’re building is a community of vibrant and varied eco-warriors who believe in the power of Doing Good. If you like having fun, we’ll get along just fine.

Welcome to the #crocpakfamily

Written by Timothy Bennett

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