Changing your Crocpak® security code with these 3 easy steps  

1) On the back of the lock, flip the switch from A to B
2) Change the 000 code to your preferred three digit code
3) Flip the switch from B to A, and your new code is set 


Q) "Help! I've got mud on my croc and sand in the lock?"

A) The Crocpak® is designed for fun and build for life. Simply wash your Crocpak® under a running tap to remove the days offering of salt and sand. Be sure to dry your Crocpak® in the shade when not in use to keep it looking great for years to come.

Q) "Is Crocpak strong and durable?"

A) Yes, the Crocpak® is made from thick recycled plastics, the material feels nice and tactile to the touch.

Q) "Wait up, wouldn't a thief just easily cut through the material?"

A) No, the bag is high quality and the material is not easy to cut. If you Crocpak is ever attacked by a thief, we will send you a new one at no cost. FYI This has never happened to date.

Q) "Hmmm, I've bought waterproof bags before, they failed after a month and proved to be poor quality."

A) You pay for what you get in this world, Kmart is cheap for a reason. Crocpak® is guaranteed to be waterproof for life. So, if you ever find the waterproofing has failed in your Crocpak, we will send you a new one at no cost. FYI This has never happened to date.

Q) "Ok then, what do I do if I unpack my Crocpak and decide it's not right for me?"

A) Simply contact us at and we'll send you a return postage slip. Simply print the slip, book your free collection and we will refund you ASAP. 

Q) "Ok, let me get this right. Crocpak is clearly an awesome Australian-owned and run brand, you guys sell high-quality gear at amazing prices, you plant a living tree for every bag sold, the overall carbon footprint is next to nothing and your return policy is the best in the business??

A) Yep ,)