How to combat climate change (One tree at a time) -

There’s been so much talk of climate change that tackling it seems monumental. It is, to a degree, but the good news is that each individual effort can make all the difference. One of the best ways to start? Plant a tree.

At Crocpak, we’ve partnered with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that focuses on global reforestation. Each Crocpak you purchase guarantees one tree planted, which means you’re actively engaged in reforestation efforts. 


How One Tree Planted Works 

The process is simple and transparent.

  1. Customers donate through their purchase

  2. Donations are pooled

  3. Partners grow saplings

  4. Trees are planted during the rainy season

  5. Trees are maintained and monitored

  6. Impact reports are generated

Why Trees?

Crocpak is an Australian brand and being based in Australia, we have a first-hand look at the devastation that climate change can cause. Being a dry continent, we feel its effects more than most and experience more than our fair share of events like bushfires. But the Black Summer of 2019-2020 really drove home how bad things are getting.



These statistics are just a tip of the iceberg, but they give you an idea of the scale of damage we sustained.

  • An alarming 1.8 million hectares across southeast Australia were affected with as many as 3,000 homes destroyed and three billion animals killed or displaced across the country.
  • Already threatened birds like the gang-gang cockatoo had their numbers wiped out by as much as a fifth.
  • About 30% of koala habitat was destroyed.
  • Nearly a third of flying foxes were wiped out.
  • Queensland and New South Wales saw poor air quality due to smoke that caused many to seek emergency treatment for respiratory problems.


While it will be years before we can reverse the damage, each tree planted will assist reforestation efforts to help native vegetation grow back, improve soil quality, control invasive species, and restore wildlife habitats.

With every purchase you make, you can help create a healthy ecosystem for Australia and even more importantly, prevent such events from causing excessive damage.

One Tree Planted has planted trees in five of Australia’s states and territories and across New Zealand. Its projects are restoring forests following the destruction of the Black Summer bushfires; rejuvenating critical habitat for wildlife like koalas and cockatoos; and safeguarding community watersheds through restoration of indigenous tree species.

Written by Timothy Bennett

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