Founded in 2019 along the sun-kissed shores of Queensland's surf havens, our journey began with a soggy revelation. A misplaced rucksack left on the sandy beach during a surf session led to a theft, leaving us with a semi-naked, wet drive home. Determined to thwart opportunists, we set out to create a solution – the lockable dry bag. Initially crafted to hang securely from the nearest lifeguard rail, this humble bag evolved. We repurposed old tarpaulin, fashioning a bag that not only defied leaks but also kept our car dry with a wetsuit in tow. Thus, the 'Crocpak Lockable Dry Bag' was born.
In mere weeks, curious onlookers were asking about the innovative bag. Seizing the opportunity, we ventured into business. As the word spread, a Kickstarter campaign emerged, fueling the first proper production of Crocpaks – fully nylon TPU-coated dry bags complete with TSA locks. Since those early days, our reputation has rippled across Australia and beyond.
Driven by the spirit of adventure and resilience, we've expanded our offerings to create a comprehensive line of the toughest waterproof bags on the market. Harnessing the durability of Denier nylon, securing with Cobra pin clasps, and fortified with military-spec webbings, our bags now fulfill contracts for military, medical, and sea operations globally.
There's an indescribable joy in witnessing our dry bags in action – from rugged terrains to challenging seas. The patina of age and battle scars on a well-used Crocpak tells the story of years spent in the throes of tough use. We revel in the knowledge that our products stand up to the most demanding conditions, earning their stripes through countless adventures. Join us in defying the ordinary, as the Crocpak journey continues to unfold across continents and under the sun-soaked skies.